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High Pressure Homogenizer Products

Homogenizers are the most efficient fluid processing equipment for cell disruption and particle size reduction both of which are critical in a wide variety of applications. We are experienced with every nuance of high energy mixing. Our high pressure homogenizer products reflect our dedication to advancing the technology of homogenization and the benefits it brings to product processing. 

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Our technology combines all available forces to affect the process:

  • Turbulent Premixing – like STIRRERS and AGITATORS
  • Cavitation like SONIC mixers
  • Impact – like BEAD MILLS
  • Higher Shear level than HIGH SHEAR MIXERS
  • Maximum Operating Pressure up to 3100 bar

In the laboratory our Nano DeBEE, Micro DeBEE and Mini DeBEE high pressure homogenizer products are easy to use and deliver powerful experimentation advantages.All results scale up to pilot and production. BEE systems produce advanced results often replacing other types of equipment to improve performance and to save manufacturing time and costs.

  • Proprietary homogenization technologyView an animated demonstration
  • Advanced pump design for constant pressure
  • Highest process intensity up to 45,000 PSI
  • Unmatched results often in ONE pass
  • Maximum experimentation capabilities 
  • Change pressure, flow, cavitation, shear, impact and process time to get the best results
  • Sanitary design for easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Proven linear scale-up to production
  • Lifetime training to help new employees and students get up to speed quickly