BEE Services: Sample Testing, Homogenizer Installations & Tech Support

Support for Application Developers

Need to process a new product, improve your current products or upgrade your existing homogenizing process? Contact us for free, confidential SAMPLE TESTING at our laboratory in Massachusetts. It’s easy as 1,2,3:

1. Request and complete a BEE International Application Questionnaire which outlines your current application needs, product characteristics, processing conditions, particle size goals, product quality analysis and other processing information to aid in the test and analysis.

2. Forward product samples along with the completed questionnaire and BEE International will process your product samples on a DeBEE2000 High Pressure Homogenizer. Multiple product samples are tested under numerous setups and conditions to determine the best results. Standard variations include:

Homogenizer Service & Support
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  • Homogenizing Cell Flow Patterns – Configurable homogenizing cell to meet your application needs

  • Absorption Cell Patterns – Adjust the number and size of reactors to fine tune your process

  • Operating Pressure & Back Pressure (PSI) – Adjust to produce small and uniform particles

  • Nozzles Sizes – Range from 0.10mm - 0.25 mm (0.004” - 0.010”) – Easy to adapt to attain your processing goals

  • Heating/Cooling Setups – For pre and post processing

3. A detailed evaluation and analysis report will be returned to you along with your finished processed product.

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DeBEE Installations and Product Training

Have you already ordered a DeBEE high pressure homogenizer? BEE International applications and service group can provide in the field homogenizer installation, training and commissioning for new and existing DeBEE systems. Please consult our factory in MA to plan and schedule a visit in the near future.
Wish to have your operators trained before the installation? Call us for our training programs.

Labratory Installation and Product Training
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BEE International Technical Support

Need help with your DeBEE homogenizer? Contact us for responsive quality support by phone and email. Need maintenance of your DeBEE homogenizer? Call us for professional service by trained technicians and inquire about our annual Preventive Maintenance Agreements.
BEE International Technical Support
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