Technology - Intensifier Pumps

All DeBEE homogenizers employ our proprietary intensifier pumps for heavy duty, long life cycle and leak free service.

DeBEE 2000 and DeBEE 2000P systems utilize multiple intensifiers that are synchronized by a PLC to provide constant process pressure.

Laboratory scale systems use a single intensifier designed to generate a nearly square pressure curve; process pressure instantly rises at the beginning of the power stroke, and quickly drops at the end of the power stroke. This makes the process in the EC as consistent as possible, although the EC process stops during the suction stroke of the intensifier pump.

All our intensifiers consist of three major sections:

Hydraulic Cylinder The hydraulic cylinder is powered by the hydraulic power unit (HPU). Pressurized oil from the HPU enters the Hydraulic Cylinder and pushes the hydraulic piston, causing the piston to reciprocate.
Isolator The isolator piece holds the hydraulic cylinder and the high-pressure cylinder together while preventing cross contamination between hydraulic fluid and product fluid.
High-Pressure (HP) Cylinder Product from the system inlet port enters the HP Cylinder during the suction stroke of the pump, and then pushed out to the EC during the power stroke of the pump. The area of the hydraulic piston is larger than the area of the high-pressure plunger to which it is connected. Process pressure is therefore proportionally higher than the hydraulic pressure.
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