7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Homogenizer

Posted by Deb Shechter on Aug 12, 2016 12:30:00 PM

homogenizer1. Is this homogenizer a good fit for my product?

Particle size reduction, cell lysis, high pressure pasteurization, emulsions, dispersions” – these are our application buzzwords here at BEE International. We utilize all available mechanical forces (turbulence, shear, impact, cavitation and process intensity) to achieve optimum results for a variety of applications & products. If you’re in the market for a homogenizer, DeBEE high pressure homogenizers are the logical choice.

BEE International offers extensive application support, whether you need to create a new product, or improve an existing one. Click here to learn more about our free, confidential sample testing at our Massachusetts laboratory.

2. Is it high quality?

All DeBEE high pressure homogenizers use cutting edge technology to bring you consistent and reliable results. Our homogenizers use modular and flexible patented homogenizing cell core technology that allows you to configure the homogenizing cell set up to meet your application needs and processing goals.

Our proprietary High Pressure Pumping System is designed to produce a constant 45,000 PSI of operating pressure while eliminating product contamination. All DeBEE homogenizers employ our proprietary intensifier pumps for heavy duty, long life cycle, and leak free service.

3. How will it benefit my organization?

DeBEE high pressure homogenizers provide a great return on your investment. They increase manufacturing efficiency by ensuring maximum particle size reduction in fewer passes; leading to reduced production costs and waste.

4. Is it from a reputable company?

BEE International is a respected company with representation worldwide. We have been in operation for 22 years and have homogenizers in commercial and academic laboratories across the globe.

5. Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Yes! Our laboratory high pressure homogenizers are all easy to use, clean and maintain. We provide instructional videos for your convenience.  

We understand rigorous industry standards and customer requirements; therefore our pilot plant and industrial homogenizers are all Clean In Place (CIP). Contact us to schedule a professional service for your unit or inquire about our annual Preventive Maintenance Agreements.

6. Will I receive training for my staff?

BEE International Applications and Service Group will gladly install your new homogenizer in the field, and provide training. We also offer training for any new staff members or operators further down the line. Contact us here to enquire about our training programs and to schedule your training session.

7. What about technical support?

BEE International offers extensive and free technical support via telephone or email. Our helpful technical support staff are quick to respond and will resolve your query in record time.

We know that choosing a homogenizer isn’t always easy so we are here to help! Contact us today for more information and assistance in getting the right homogenizer for your applications.

To learn more about particle size reduction and how to get efficient and consistent results, download our FREE eBook: 

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