3 Major Benefits of Homogenizers in the Food Industry

Posted by Tal Shechter on Feb 15, 2017 12:30:00 AM

homogenizers in the food industryHomogenization, also known as micronization or, more simply, particle size reduction, is a process that is growing in popularity in a number of manufacturing industries, including cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical. However, few people realize that the process of homogenization is utilized in another industry, one that affects virtually all of us – food! The use of homogenization equipment in the food industry offers a number of benefits, both to the industry itself, and to the customers, who receive the end results of the industry. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits that homogenizers bring to the important (and ever growing!) food industry.

1. Extension of Shelf Life

One little known benefit that homogenization offers is an improved shelf life.  The process of reducing particle sizes requires the use of intense pressure, among other forces. This pressure that is exerted on food products often results in the creation of more stable chemical structures. This results in increased freshness, as well as a longer shelf life of the end product.

2. Improved Quality of Food

The process of homogenization also results in a higher quality of food. The reduction of particle size of products results in an end product that has improved taste, texture, appearance, and overall quality over its non-homogenized counterparts.

3. Food Preservation 

Related to the extension of shelf life benefit that homogenization brings is the benefit of food preservation. While heat treatment – another method of preserving food – is effective in killing harmful bacteria and microorganisms, heat can also kill helpful microorganisms, vitamins, and nutrients. Homogenization, on the other hand, uses pressure to accomplish the same task as its more destructive counterpart. This results in food that is preserved and healthy. A win-win!

BEE International Homogenizers

Homogenization offers many benefits to those in the food industry, as we now know. When searching for the right homogenizer for the job, make BEE International your first stop. We offer homogenizers for virtually every environment and application, including laboratory use, research and development applications, and, of course – pilot plant and industrial operations.  In addition, our homogenizers offer some of the following benefits:

  • Constant pressure with electronic synchronization
  • Unique CIP (Clean in Place) positioning for thorough cleaning
  • Numerous cylinder sizes available to match specific pressure, flow capacity, and product characteristics requirements

To learn more about the homogenizers offered at BEE International, as well as how we can help with the homogenization process in your industry, please contact us today.

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