The Best Lab Equipment for Pharmaceutical Companies

Posted by David Shechter on Aug 9, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Pharmaceutical CompaniesWhen we hear the term ‘pharmaceutical company’, let’s face it- many of us think of vast wealth. And although this is true for a small few, more of them struggle to churn out products that can compete with the big names. To get any of these products to market, pharmaceutical companies must wade through drug development and, if lucky, the manufacturing process. Keep reading for some of the most important pieces of equipment that will aid with these processes.


Functional sterilizers are indispensable to pharmaceutical companies and, really, every single existing laboratory. Of the available sterilizers, the autoclave is one of the more effective at decontaminating lab materials through its use of heat and high pressure. (1)

Capsule Sealing Machine

Necessary for any pharmaceutical company that manufactures drug tablets is the machine that fills and seals each capsule. Capsule sealing machines work to first fill and then seal the capsules, which contributes to creation of a functional drug product. (2)

High Pressure Homogenizer

Of both higher cost and value than the other items on this list is the high pressure homogenizer. Homogenization forces a fluid through a narrow field at high pressure to reduce particle size, which can create products like emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, and lipids for use in an array of pharmaceutical products. (3)

Tablet Coating Pan

Coating pans help with the process of tablet synthesis by applying a coating of choice to the tablet core. Importantly, the process is incredibly intricate in its use of different coating types and ingredient ratios, but can be easily accomplished with either a perforated or conventional coating pan. (4)

Vessel (AKA Batch Reactor)

The vessel serves as a controlled environment within which chemical reactions can take place. Important to pharmaceutical companies is its ability to process small sample sizes, which are frequently used in the R&D stage of drug development. (5)

BEE International: Reliable Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

As you begin your search for some of the above-listed items, you will be bombarded with corporations selling the equipment you want. To ensure that you select high-quality and reliable products, begin your search with us! BEE International products have innovative technology that offers unique benefits for producing nano/micro emulsions and dispersions, lipids and suspensions for vaccines, targeted drug delivery, inhalants, time release, anesthetics and antibiotics.

Our pharmaceutical process equipment produces unprecedented results by allowing the formulations expert to optimize the mixing process, which allows for better-suited product characteristics. We are also familiar with the long road traveled by pharmaceutical companies, from an idea to R&D, clinical trials, FDA approval and manufacturing.

Learn more about BEEI and the processing equipment we offer by contacting us today. 

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