Homogenizers for Emulsion Synthesis: What to Look for When Buying

Posted by David Shechter on Jul 22, 2016 12:30:00 PM

homogenizersDetermining which criteria are important to you is one of the first key steps on the path to purchasing a homogenizer. Because there is a huge variety of models and options on the market, it is important to go in knowing what you are looking for and why. Below is a list of essential factors to look for when buying a homogenizer, specifically through the lens of emulsion applications.

Presence of multiple forces, particularly shear

The chemistry that causes resistance between two particles needs to be overcome to finely disperse droplets. Homogenizers typically have high shear, which is ideal for overcoming this resistance; potential buyers should also seek out a machine that incorporates more than one force to further decrease droplet size and enhance long-term stability.

Scalable machines that preserves product stability

For any given product, all conditions must remain the same through scale-up. And although laboratory optimization of the formulation is not necessarily difficult, significant troubleshooting may be needed to attain the same level of stability in larger machines. Homogenizers that are made to be scalable typically have the ability to adjust variables to, for example, increase the intensity of forces. This critical trait allows the product an emulsion is incorporated within to be scaled to manufacturing as a stable entity. (1)

Ability to customize variables

Tied closely with laboratory optimization and scaling is the customization capability of a homogenizer. Machines that allow a user to customize variables like temperature and intensity of forces can save an incredible amount of time, as well as money linked to materials that are used during optimization.

BEE International: The Homogenizer Advantage

Emulsion production involves high pressure mixing, with homogenization as the most popular method for its ability to reduce particle sizes more significantly than other blending/emulsification methods. The first step in synthesizing an emulsion is purchasing equipment that will achieve small and consistent particle size distribution. One such example is the high pressure homogenizer by BEE International Technology. Our products are trusted by pharmaceutical researchers and lab managers around the world for key benefits, such as production of nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions; importantly, this equipment can achieve consistent particle sizes at or below 100 nm, a key benefit for researchers & corporations that synthesize pharmaceutical products.

In addition, we have extensive experience assisting its product users as they transition through the drug development process. Our homogenizers are differentiated for R&D, clinical trials, and manufacturing, and our customer support is reliable, experience-driven, and effective.

Learn more about how BEEI can enhance your emulsion production process by contacting us today. For more information about particle size reduction and how to achieve efficient and consistent results, download our FREE eBook:

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