How Homogenizers Help Chemical Processes

Posted by Deb Shechter on Jun 30, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Homogenizers help Chemical The chemical industry continues to output products that benefit both researchers in other fields and consumers alike. Many of these products, including polymers (e.g. acrylic emulsions, solvent-based emulsions, solutions, and dispersions), pigments, carbon nanotubes, additives and resins, and adhesives and pastes require homogenization as part of their manufacturing process. Yet what exactly does homogenization do that other techniques can’t? Here we present some of the many ways a homogenizer can help your chemical processes.

Whether using an existing process or working on a new process, scalability and customizability are incredibly useful homogenizer qualities. To start with scaling, many types of mixing equipment on the market do not have the capability. In this case, when a researcher tries to move a chemical process from the laboratory to a manufacturing facility, the process will need to be re-optimized, as it will not typically work as is with the new equipment. Scalable homogenizers, in contrast, make the process easier by allowing the researcher to use the exact same technique that worked in the lab. Additionally, customizing the homogenizer for optimization of diverse processes is as easy as the turn of a dial.

One of the biggest benefits of using a homogenizer, aside from its admirable scaling ability, is its role in creating much finer particles. This is useful, particularly with chemical processes, in that finer particles have an increased surface area. With a larger surface areaarger surface area comes better opportunity for a chemical reaction, as there is a higher likelihood of reagent/component bonding. Additionally, said improved chemical reactions, especially in terms of efficiency, can reduce the required quantity of expensive components, and so eliminates the need for volatile organic compounds. The overall ability of a homogenizer to save time and money, along with creating an improved product, makes this equipment much preferred over other mixing options.

BEE International: Makers of High Quality Chemical Process Equipment

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