Micro vs. Mini DeBEE: Which High Pressure Homogenizer Do You Need?

Posted by Deb Shechter on Aug 1, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Micro_vs._Mini_DeBEE-_Which_High_Pressure_Homogenizer_Do_You_Need.jpgHomogenizers have a laundry list of applications in modern science, from the vaccinations our children receive to the cancer treatments we hope we will never have to take. High pressure homogenizers, in particular, are renowned for their ability to further reduce particle size due to the intense pressure, combined with other forces, that are exerted on the sample. BEE International, manufacturer of high pressure homogenizers, has multiple available models that can suit laboratory purposes. Although both are classified as bench-top laboratory homogenizers, the Mini and Micro DeBEE are distinct in their offerings. Keep reading to better understand which will better fit your homogenization purposes.

Micro DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer

The MicroDeBEE is a compact laboratory homogenizer comprised of an air powered unit, with the capacity to process as little as 15 mL and as much as 15 L each hour. Not only is it easy to use in its adjustability and maintenance, but it also has specifications that are advantageous for experimentation in a research lab. For example, it can reach up to 45,000 PSI/3100 bar (at 150 PSI, 55 CFM) for maximum experimentation. Additionally, the back pressure can reach 5,000 PSI/350 bar but is adjustable to your specific process.

Mini DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer

In contrast to the Micro DeBEE’s air powered unit, the Mini DeBEE is powered electrically and is much smaller in weight, clocking in at about half the size. And while the Micro DeBEE can process a minimum of 15 mL, the minimum sample size for the mini is 30 mL. Yet the differences largely end there, as the Mini also shares a back pressure of up to 5,000 PSI/350 bar and can reach up to 45,000 PSI/3100 bar. Additionally, the Mini is easy to adjust for customizability and maintenance is not difficult to accomplish.

BEE International: The Homogenizer Advantage

On determining which homogenizer will be right for your lab, begin your search with BEE International Technology. We are globally recognized among laboratory managers and researchers for our high quality products and excellent customer support. Cell lysis and particle size reduction are two of a variety of applications for our homogenizers; nano/micro emulsions, lipids, suspensions, and dispersions are also easily achievable. Additionally, the homogenizer processes can be controlled to suit your product, which will allow you to customize to your cell type. And finally, the equipment is easy to use, produces higher yield in less time, and achieves results that are reproducible and scalable.

Learn more about how BEE International homogenizers can improve your experimentation by contacting us today. 

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