3 Products that Benefit from Homogenization

Posted by Deb Shechter on Mar 31, 2017 12:30:00 PM

Number 3 in 3D isolated over a white background-248466-edited.jpegHomogenization, also known as micronization or particle size reduction, is the process of forcing materials through a small orifice to disrupt, lyse, or otherwise reduce the size of the particles within that material. And as those in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotech, and food industries know, homogenization is a powerful process tool with countless benefits, including reduced costs, higher quality, increase customer satisfaction, and time savings. But what types of products can benefit from homogenization? The answer may surprise you. Continue reading to learn more about the products that reap huge benefits from the innovative process of homogenization.


Beverages can reap huge benefits from the processes of both homogenization and pasteurization. These processes often work hand in hand, and result in beverages that are full of nutrients, safe to consume, and visually appealing. Homogenization and pasteurization work together to limit the growth of harmful pathogens, maintain flavor and nutrients, and can even improve the shelf life of the end product.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

The process of homogenization allows for the highest quality pharmaceutical drugs to be produced safely, reliably, and inexpensively. Particles that have had their sizes reduced through homogenization enjoy increased dissolution rates, which allows for improved drug delivery (especially via nasal or oral introduction), more even dispersion of critical active ingredients, higher safety and quality overall.

Cosmetic Creams

Cosmetic creams and lotions can also benefit from the process of homogenization. Most creams are emulsion-based, and homogenization allows these emulsions to be created more quickly, safely, and reliably than other methods.  Homogenization also frees up the possibility of using water as both a diluent and a solvent, since the smaller particles created within the emulsion dissolve rapidly and completely in virtually every medium.

BEE International: Homogenizers for Product Improvement

BEE International carries a wide selection of homogenization equipment that can aid production in your industry, regardless of the size of your manufacturing area. Our homogenizers are well suited for laboratory, research and development, pilot plant, and even full scale production environments. By utilizing the combined forces of shear, turbulence, cavitation, and impact, our homogenization equipment produces results that are reliably, repeatable, and high quality. Your customers won’t be the only ones amazed at the results!

Learn more about our homogenization equipment by contacting us today. We look forward to working with you on your next manufacturing project, big or small.

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