Choosing the Right Pilot & Industrial Homogenizer

Posted by Tal Shechter on Apr 18, 2017 12:30:00 PM

choosing right pilot and industrial homogenizerHomogenization, also known as particle size reduction or micronization, is a technique that is widely used across a number of industries: cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and biotech. This powerful (and useful) technique allows manufacturers to create uniform creams, visually pleasing sauces, and effective pharmaceutical painkillers, just to name a few applications. And without the innovative technology found within homogenizers,  few of the aforementioned products would be as readily available as we’ve come to expect.

With that, it is no surprise that the task of choosing the right homogenizer for the job is an often daunting task. With so many options on the market to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, if certain key points are kept in mind, choosing the right homogenizer for your pilot or industrial plant can be simple. Continue reading to learn more about the pilot and industrial homogenizers offered by BEE International.

DeBEE 2000 Pilot Plant Homogenizers

The DeBEE 2000 line of homogenizers represent the smallest available units that offer all available process configurations, including dual feed, dual jet, and automatic clean in place (CIP) technology.  These homogenizers also offer a number of powerful validation packages, as well as hazardous environment protection, feed solutions, and additional process monitoring.

DeBEE 3000 Industrial Homogenizers

The DeBEE 3000 line of homogenizers are our entry level production scale models, suitable for both laboratory work as well as scaled up production work. No matter the needs of your industry, the DeBEE 3000 line of homogenizers are suitable for your process. These homogenizers offer unmatched particle size reduction with maximum efficiency for micro/nano emulsions and particles, as well as the highest yield in cell rupture in the shortest amount of time.

DeBEE 4000 Automated Industrial Homogenizers

The DeBEE 4000 line of homogenizers represent the most powerful line of homogenization equipment that BEE International has to offer. This series of equipment offers the highest levels of process controls and automation, as well as integration with plant controls and compliance with CFR 21 part 11 requirements. In addition to other powerful benefits, these homogenizers offer various security modes and authorizations, alarms to ensure system safety and the correct course of action, SCADA compliance, and sanitary design and features suitable for even the most stringent of fields.

To learn more about the line of homogenizers offered by BEE International, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you on your next homogenization project.

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