What is High Pressure Pasteurization?

Posted by David Shechter on Jan 18, 2017 12:30:00 PM

what-is-high-pressure-pasteurization.jpgMost people in the biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries are familiar with homogenization – the process of reducing particle size. But what about high pressure pasteurization? This technique has been around for quite some time, and is slowly gaining commercial importance. Continue reading to learn more about this growing technique, and how it is best utilized in various manufacturing industries.

High pressure pasteurization, also known as high pressure processing, or simply HPP, is a pasteurization method that uses pressure rather than the traditional method of heat to kill microorganisms in food. This process is significant, as it helps to extend the shelf life of both liquid and solid foods, and it improves the safety of foods as well. This is done through killing spoilage organisms, including yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, as well as pathogenic microorganisms, such as E. coli, listeria, and salmonella.

Since pressure (instead of heat) is used to kill microorganisms, high pressure pasteurization offers a number of benefits over thermal processing. For one, high pressure pasteurization is less destructive to vitamins, flavors, and pigments, allowing these molecules to survive processing relatively unharmed. This helps maintain the nutritional value and quality of the end product. Other benefits of high pressure pasteurization include:

  • Color and flavor retention
  • Improved shelf life
  • Improved texture
  • Supports growing demand for organic and preservative free products

The process of high pressure pasteurization is relatively simple. First, product enters the system and is pumped up to the desired pressure; this pressure is maintained during the entirety of processing. Next, the product passes through a small orifice and undergoes a drop in pressure; this utilizes the force of cavitation, which works to rupture cells.

BEE International offers a line of pilot scale high pressure processing systems to meet the needs of your industry. Our equipment offers the following features and benefits:

  • Designed for enhanced experimentation
  • Adjustable hold time
  • Ability to maintain maximum pressure and continuous flow
  • Achieves optimum results in the fewest amount of passes
  • Works in a number of settings: laboratory, pilot, and full scale manufacturing
  • Efficient and economic
  • In-line process
  • Pressure of up to 45,000 psi (3,100 bar)

To learn more about our line of high pressure pasteurization equipment, please contact us today. For even more information on our core technology, and to see an animation illustrating how our technology can be customized for your application for efficient and consistent results, click here.

For more information on different methods for your application, download our FREE eBook all about cell lysis methods:

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High Pressure Pasteurization