Efficiently Mix Solids with Fluids to Create Stable Dispersions

While emulsions deal with mixing liquids with liquids, dispersions mix solid particles with fluids to form liquid solutions, suspensions and colloids. Challenges to producing high quality dispersions include instability, agglomeration, inability to reduce particle size to meet requirements and contamination caused by wear on the mixing equipment.

don-t-waste-time-5-ways-to-optimize-your-mixing-process.jpgBEE systems are designed to produce a tight distribution of smaller particles and to reduce agglomeration by consistently distributing surfactants. Benefits include:

  • Conductive inks, pastes and coatings with better particle packing resulting in a more dense and uniform distribution of materials
    • Products that minimize clogging
    • Products that are more cost effective, due to the even distribution of active materials.
    • Pharmaceutical suspensions that mask the bitter taste of active drugs
      • Improved bioavailability
      • Controlled and sustained drug release
      • Innovative particle synthesis for polymers, drugs, and precipitated ceramics and metals
      • Elimination of fish eyes and un-dissolved polymer components 

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