Different Materials Break Down Through Different Forces - That's Why We Customize Our Force for Each Material

BEE International’s proprietary technology single-mindedly focuses on breaking particles apart. Unlike other technologies which apply one mechanical force to mix a product, BEE technology utilizes all available mechanical forces to achieve optimum results.


Different materials break down best by using different forces. In a simple O/W emulsion, when these soft particles hit a wall creating the force of impact they do not break apart, instead they agglomerate and become even bigger. However, when working with abrasive materials such as ceramics, the force of impact will likely improve results tremendously. This is why the ability to custom tailor each mixing force is so critical to achieving industry leading results.

Below, you can find examples of these forces:

  • Turbulence - like STIRRERS and AGITATORS
  • Cavitation like SONIC mixers
  • Higher shear rates than HIGH SHEAR MIXERS
  • Impact – like BEAD MILLS
  • Process intensity is adjustable from 2,000 - 45,000 psi / 150 - 3100 bar

Unlike other technologies, ours is modular, allowing the above mixing forces to be fine-tuned to produce the best results for a given product.

  • Turbulent premixing can be replaced with a laminar flow
  • Cavitation can be intensified or reduced by adjusting nozzle size
  • Shear process time can be shorter or longer
  • Impact can be maximized with our reverse flow setup
  • Process intensity is reduced or increased with the turn of a dial

Benefits of fine-tuning the mixing process for your product include:

  • Tighter distribution of smaller particles
  • Maximum particle size reduction in fewer passes
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency and reduced cost

Product benefits include:

  • Longer shelf life
  • Improved sensorial properties such as rapid penetration and merging textures
  • Improved biophysical properties such as hydrating power
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