Laboratory Homogenizers

By design, our laboratory high-pressure homogenizers demonstrate a radical departure from other equipment: providing formulations scientists with more experimentation options and capabilities for emulsions, dispersions, cell rupture, and liposomes.

Model Maximum
Capacity (L/hr)
Nano DeBEE 45-2 Gen II 10 - 45 KPSI / 690 - 3100 bar 
Nano DeBEE 45-6 Gen II 10 - 45 KPSI / 690 - 3100 bar 6
Micro DeBEE 2 - 30 KPSI / 150 - 2000 bar  15
Mini DeBEE 30 2 - 30 KPSI / 150 - 2000 bar 20
Mini DeBEE 45  2 - 45 KPSI / 150 - 3100 bar 15 - 20


How do our laboratory homogenizers help our R&D customers achieve success?

How_the_Nano_DeBEE_Can_Benefit_Laboratory_Applications.jpgResearch and development scientists need the right tool to determine feasibility faster. Many formulation requirements are met with minimal experimentation. Cell disruption is an example where optimum results might be reached immediately. With the turn of the dial, a more gentle process might be used for mammalian cells or perhaps a more intense process created for lysing plant cells.

For particle size reduction of emulsions and dispersions, initial results may match or exceed that of other equipment. Unmatched experimentation capabilities may be the key to the most effective mixing process, making the difference between adequate and remarkable results. Remarkable results for new innovations, improve existing products, and more efficient manufacturing.



BEE International also offers a two-year warranty on all of our homogenizers. Request a quote today to see how our laboratory homogenizers can help you!

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