The Ultimate Development Tool; Suited for Production

The DeBEE 2000 is the smallest unit available that offers ALL process configurations that is available with our versatile technology, including;

  • Dual Feed
  • Dual Jet
  • Automatic CIP

DeBEE 2000

Since 1995, BEE International has produced proprietary pilot plant homogenizers that bridge the gap between R&D and manufacturing. DeBEE 2000 homogenizers are designed to facilitate process development, as well as verify scale-up to your specific process and production requirements. Depending on production requirements, one customer’s laboratory scale is another customer’s production scale. For this reason, DeBEE 2000 systems are suitable for continuous operations.

The DeBEE 2000 product line offers a long list of available options to suit your particular process and budget needs; including Dual Feed, Dual Jet, CIP (Clean In Place), validation packages, hazardous environment protection, feed solutions, additional process monitoring. 

Key features: 
  • Easy to clean; Clean in Place
  • Variable operating pressure from 5,000-45,000 psi
  • Modular design for lower cost replacement parts
  • PLC control and monitoring for simple push-button operation
  • Constant process pressure for tighter product distribution
  • Process configurations enable:
    • Control of cavitation, shear and impact
    • Secondary feed of additives, suitable for particle synthesis
    • Opposing dual jets for maximum impact
  • Efficient in-line process
  • Adjustable back pressure
  • Heat exchanger for product cooling
  • Stainless steel enclosure 
  • Numerous pre and post processing options and accessories
  • Guaranteed scale-up from R&D to manufacturing
The DeBEE 2000 series include the following models:
Model HP Maximum
Capacity (L/min) Capacity (Gal/hr)
DeBEE 2000-45-30  10 45,000 psi
3,100 bar 
0.5  8
DeBEE 2000-45-60 10  45,000 psi
3,100 bar
1 16
DeBEE 2000-30-60 10  30,000 psi
2,000 bar
1 16
DeBEE 2000-25-100 10  25,000 psi
1,667 bar
1.7 26
DeBEE 2000-20-120 10  20,000 psi
1,333 bar
2 32 

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BEE International also offers a two year warranty on all of our homogenizers. Request a quote today to see how our DeBEE 2000 pilot-plant homogenizers can help you!

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