Cost Effective Production Systems

The DeBEE 3000 series is the entry level into production scale.  Whether scaling up a process developed on one of our laboratory scale DeBEE system, or upgrading an existing process, the DeBEE 3000 can be configured to meet your production needs in the range outlined below.

The results of many years of development and worldwide field experience, the DeBEE 3000 offers the most powerful and versatile industrial homogenizer available today.
With continuous operations at up to 45,000 psi (3100 bar), and guaranteed scale-up from laboratory and pilot scale settings, our industrial scale homogenizers produce: 

  • Unmatched particle size reduction with maximum efficiency for micro/nano emulsions and particles
  • Highest yield in cell rupture in less time
To achieve the best results most efficiently, DeBEE 3000 systems include:
  • Proprietary homogenizing technology for unmatched results
  • Proprietary synchronized pumping system for a constant process and a tighter distribution of end product results
  • Hydraulically driven vertical intensifier pumps with slow stroke rate provide
    • Higher pressure capability
    • Higher process intensity
    • Lower maintenance cost
  • Operating pressures range from low to the highest available for the best results in fewer passes
  • PLC control with digital display for user friendly HMI environment
  • Optional PLC features include automatic pressure control, alarm management, user level security, data trending and data storage to meet CFR 21 part 11 requirements
  • Optional Semi-automatic CIP Cleaning, including flow thru the intensifier plunger seals, to accomplish the highest level of cleaning quickly
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Easy clean up and maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • CE compliant

BEE International industrial homogenizers and high pressure homogenizers are manufacturing pharmaceutical, chemical, life sciences, food and cosmetic products. 

The DeBEE 3000 Series include the following models:

Model HP Maximum
Capacity (L/min) Capacity (Gal/hr)
DeBEE 3000-45-120 20 45,000 psi
3,100 bar 
DeBEE 3000-30-180 20 30,000 psi
2,000 bar
3 48
DeBEE 3000-25-210 20 25,000 psi
1,667 bar 
3.5 55
DeBEE 3000-20-240 20 20,000 psi
1,333 bar 
4 63

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BEE International also offers a two year warranty on all of our homogenizers. Request a quote today to see how our DeBEE 3000 homogenizers can help you!

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