The Highest Level of Automation, Compliance and Production Capacity

The DeBEE 4000 is our top of the line series, offering the highest level of process controls and automation, as well as integration with plant controls network and compliance with CFR 21 part 11 requirements.  

Utilizing BEEI’s innovative synchronization of multiple intensifier pumps, combined with flexible modular system design, this series offers a very wide range of production capacities and levels of automation.  The DeBEE 4000 combines decades-proven off-the-shelf robust industrial components, with state-of-the-art computerized controls.

DeBEE 4000 models are suitable for a wide range of applications, from abrasive slurries in the chemical industry to injectable drugs with the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

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To achieve the best results most efficiently, DeBEE 4000 systems include:

  • Proprietary homogenizing technology for unmatched results
  • Proprietary synchronized pumping system for a constant process and a tighter distribution of end product results
  • Hydraulically driven vertical intensifier pumps with slow stroke rate provide
    • Higher pressure capability
    • Higher process intensity
    • Lower maintenance cost
  • Optional redundant intensifier that may be disabled automatically during production

BEE International has brought industrial homogenizer automation to new levels increasing productivity and improving maintenance.  With an industrial computer and PLC, proprietary HMI software and a color touch screen display, the many unique features of our homogenizers are accessible to the operator. Features include:

  • Dynamic visual schematics indicating system parameters and component status
  • Security modes and authorizations
  • Alarms to ensure system safety and the correct course of action
  • Programming maintenance schedules into the system
  • Integration with plant controls network Data gathering
  • SCADA compliance
  • Trends screen
  • Sanitary design and features suitable for Pharmaceuticals

Call us today to discuss your particular needs.  Let us know if you cannot find a model that suits your requirements, and we will be happy to discuss and offer suitable system.


BEE International also offers a two year warranty on all of our homogenizers. Request a quote today to see how our DeBEE 4000 automated industrial homogenizers can help you!

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