BEE’s Modular Intensifier Design is at the Heart of our High Pressure Pumping System

Constant Pressure = Consistent Results

Our proprietary High Pressure Intensifier design produces a constant pressure of up to 45,000 PSI.

BEE International has developed our own pumping system for heavy duty, long life cycle and leak free service.  They are designed to operate in a wide variety of industrial and bio-pharma applications with sanitary grade features and options to meet the need for even the most stringent pharmaceutical and biotech product requirements. The pumping system is made up of intensifiers that are hydraulically actuated and synchronized by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to deliver constant pressure and flow through our patented homogenizing cell.

All our intensifiers consist of three major sections:

High-Pressure (HP) Cylinder

Product from the system inlet port enters the HP Cylinder during the suction stroke of the pump, and then pushed out to the EC during the power stroke of the pump. The area of the hydraulic piston is larger than 9the area of the high-pressure plunger to which it is connected. Process pressure is therefore proportionally higher than the hydraulic pressure


The isolator piece holds the hydraulic cylinder and the high-pressure cylinder together while preventing cross contamination between hydraulic fluid and product fluid.

Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is powered by the hydraulic power unit (HPU). Pressurized oil from the HPU enters the Hydraulic Cylinder and pushes the hydraulic piston, causing the piston to reciprocate.


BEE’s proprietary intensifier design incorporates years of finding out what really works then making it better!

  1. High pressure seals designed to last and built to withstand challenging solid suspensions, a variety of solvents and aggressive nano-emulsions

  2. 5 different hydraulic cylinder sizes and 3 different high pressure cylinder sizes mean we can build a system that meets the customer expectation for pressure and flow capacity at any range up to 45,000 psi.  This means the customer has the power to choose, resulting in less wasted energy consumption and more competitive pricing!

  3. Intensifiers in all pilot and production machines are designed with a seal cleaning position where the plunger can retract from the high pressure seal allowing flow through the high pressure cylinder during CIP.  BEE’s advanced intensifier controls allow us to offer automation that enables this function at the touch of a button.  This is critical for those pharmaceutical and biotech applications where cleanliness is imperative.

  4. Intensifiers in all production units over 2 LPM are oriented vertically to improve priming and eliminate water hammer.  This results in longer seal life and less down time during stringent production schedules.

  5. Using multiple synchronized intensifiers enables selecting a system with intensifier piston speed that is suitable for the particular process requirements. For example, systems for oil/water emulsions may be operated higher speed, but for more viscous products we simply add more intensifiers so each one is moving slower. This unique feature enables our homogenizers to handle highly viscous material and improve service life of many system components.
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