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While commercialization of cannabis may be new, we have decades of experience providing process solutions for increased bio availability, consistent dosing and increased potency with less active ingredient, in products just like yours.

Benefits of Producing Cannabis Product with BEE Equipment

BEE systems are designed for sanitary applications. Used in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries this equipment meets sanitary and regulatory requirements.

Scalability – Reengineering your product from the laboratory to manufacturing scale is a waste of time and money. With BEE all systems produce the same results and many systems can be used for both R&D and production.

Reliability – BEE systems are easy to use and reliable. We have experience and solutions for a wide variety of processing challenges.


Benefits of Developing a Cannabis Product with BEE Technology

  • Accurate active ingredient delivery

  • Longer product shelf life

  • Improved bio-availability

  • Improved ingredient performance

  • Sterilization by filtration (< 200 nanometers)

  • Microbial deactivation while retaining nutritional properties and texture 

  • Sanitary process

  • Technology scales for higher production rates

  • Ideal for cannabis unique process needs such as small volume sampling and temperature control (heat and/or chill).

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