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High Pressure Homogenization for cannabis creates faster acting, more potent products with a longer shelf life. 


Cannabis Product ManufacturingHigh pressure homogenization is the most effective and efficient mixing technology for creating stable micro and nano emulsions. We've incorporated cannabis-specific process innovations, based on customer experience, into our equipment with decades of proven reliability. 

Smaller particles → increased surface area → increased bio-availability:

  • Create nano cannabinoid formulations with stable nano-emulsions

  • Increased bio-availability by up to 75%

    • oil emulsification with homogenizers
  • Reduce the amount of active ingredient and produce the same effect

  • Faster acting products

  • Longer shelf life

  • Clear beverages


BEE equipment is designed for versatility, to serve the wide variety of products you will need to develop to meet the demands of this emerging market.

  • Continuous operation and feedcannabis equipment DeBEE

  • Sanitary, efficient process

  • Precise temperature control

  • Viscosity is not a problem

  • Secondary product mix feed

  • Immediate scale up - R&D and Manufacturing in one unit

  • Automation for easy operation, monitoring and maintenance

  • Recipe automation setup parameters and run

  • cGMP, compliance support and FDA Validation Packages available

distribution of small particles

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