Meeting the demands of emerging cannabis products 

with decades of process experience 

Benefits of Producing Cannabis Products with BEE Equipment

We've incorporated cannabis-specific process innovations, based on customer experience, into our equipment which has decades of proven reliability. In this way, our customers create a golden clear high-performance oil.

Smaller particles → increased surface area → increased bio-availability:

Image result for therefore symbolCreate Nano Cannabinoid Formulations with stable nanoemulsions

Image result for therefore symbolIncreased bio-availability by up to 75% 

Image result for therefore symbolReduce the amount of active ingredient and produce the same effect

Image result for therefore symbolFaster acting products 

Image result for therefore symbolLonger shelf life

Image result for therefore symbolClear beverages

Our equipment is designed for versatility, to serve the wide variety of products you will need to develop to meet the demands of this emerging market.

 Process and Product Development Benefits

  • Cannabis Oil

    Continuous operation and feed

  • Sanitary, efficient process

  • Precise temperature control

  • Secondary product mix feed

Manufacturing Benefits

For Cannabis DeBEE

  • Immediate scale up - R&D and Manufacturing in one unit

  • Automation for easy operation, monitoring and maintenance

  • Recipe automation setup parameters and run

  • cGMP

  • Compliance support and FDA Validation Packages available


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