Many types of processing equipment exist, each tailored to a unique purpose. Homogenizer equipment is the most efficient fluid processing equipment for particle and droplet size reduction, which is critical in a wide variety of applications. BEE International high pressure homogenizers produce the most advanced results in this area of processing equipment and are called upon where stringent requirements must be met and the most efficient process saves manufacturing time and money. 


Our flexible technology also addresses products with unique processing challenges such as pastes requiring fine particles, agglomeration difficulties, hard materials and products requiring a longer shelf life.

Our technology combines all available forces that affect the process:
  • Turbulent Premixing – utilized in stirrers and agitators
  • Cavitation – utilizes in sonicators
  • Impact –  utilized in bead mills
  • Higher Shear – utilized in rotational
  • Highest possible intensity – resulting from our ability to achieve 45,000 PSI / 3,100 bar

With BEE laboratory systems many process parameters can be modified to further improve results and reduce the number of passes required. This is an in-line mixing technology, so the entire product batch receives the same level of processing. It is also a scalable technology so the results developed in the lab will scale up to manufacturing.

Studies show there is a direct correlation between increase in operating pressure and particle size reduction. While this does not mean the maximum operating pressure works best for each product, it does make a strong case for experimenting with a full range of operating pressures. Operating pressure is conveniently controlled BEE systems to operate at up to 3100 bar.

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