Today, food producers strive to offer new categories of products to meet customer needs; for example, eliminating trans fats and reducing sugar, fat and sodium content. Products must meet these new requirements while balancing consumer satisfaction and nutritious content.

To meet these challenges, food production is accomplished with sophisticated technologies, such as high pressure homogenization and high pressure pasteurization. For each emulsion, dispersion and lipid there is an optimal mixing process which accomplishes objectives with the most cost effective methods. Our systems produce unprecedented results by allowing the developer to optimize the mixing process to better suit product characteristics and 3_Food_Applications_for_High_Pressure_Homogenizers.jpgrequirements. This is done with easy to use options that adjust the mechanic forces applied to the product during mixing. Food biologists use our equipment to produce high yield cell disruption and stable emulsions. With this, they are able to create and improve upon new food and beverage products while eliminating harmful bacteria. 

Understanding the need for an absolutely clean production process, our equipment is designed for sanitary applications. Our technology has a modular approach which supports a wide variety of process configurations including options to support functions such as high pressure pasteurization.

In the lab, BEE International’s innovative technology offers unique benefits for producing nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, lipids and suspensions. For many products this means improving quality, longer shelf life, stability, bioavailability, color, taste, texture and nutritional value.

Scale up to manufacturing is guaranteed. Production benefits include a 24/7 dependable operation and reduced costs with fewer passes and less wear. Stringent FDA requirements are met with options such as automated control, in-line process design, data gathering, SCADA and validation documentation.

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