Today’s pharmaceutical leaders are discovering and developing a wide range of new medicines that are helping people lead longer, more productive lives.

4-roadblocks-from-pharmaceutical-rd-to-production.jpgOur innovative technology offers unique benefits for producing nano / micro emulsions and dispersions, lipids and suspensions for injectables, vaccines, targeted drug delivery, inhalants, time release, anesthetics and antibiotics. The sanitary design and features like validation procedures and documentation, data gathering, SCADA, automated CIP, compliance with CFR 21 part 11 requirements, ideally suit this in-line technology for pharmaceutical process equipment

Particle size plays an important role in the dissolution rate of a drug. We are experienced with every nuance of particle size reduction, meaning we can produce a homogenous mix of smaller, more uniform, particles.  For each product there is an optimal mixing process, which accomplishes objectives using a cost effective and timely methodology. Our pharmaceutical process equipment produces unprecedented results by allowing the formulations expert to optimize the mixing process to better suit product characteristics. This is accomplished by varying, in a controlled manner, the cavitation, shear and impact forces applied to a formulation.

BEE International is familiar with the long road our pharmaceutical customers travel; from an idea to R&D, clinical trials, FDA approval and manufacturing. We provide benefits for each phase of your product development, because we like to be a part of our customer's success. 

Pharmaceutical High Pressure Homogenizer


We strive to make your job easier. Starting with your selection task we provide quick turnaround for quotes, product materials and sole source justifications. We will be the first to tell you if our technology or equipment is not the right fit. To fast track your work with new pharmaceutical process equipment, we provide manuals, videos, installation, training and are always available by phone or email for any questions you may have. Our pharmaceutical process equipment is built for reliable quality and we help you do your part with preventative maintenance plans and spare part inventory guides. 

We are ready to enter into an innovative partnership. You’re charged with creating a brighter tomorrow and we supply pharmaceutical process equipment systems worthy of that challenge.

Contact us today to test your pharmaceutical product on the top of the line high pressure homogenizers. If you want to learn more, read some of our popular pharmaceutical industry blogs:

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