Our chemical process equipment customers are improving a wide range of materials by expanding their capabilities and creating more diverse reactions. BEE’s particle size reduction homogenizer technology creates more consistent emulsions and dispersions with a tighter distribution of smaller particles. Increased surface area can improve chemical reactions, reduce the quantity of expensive components and eliminate the need for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our modular technology offers unique processing setups, to address specific processing challenges. For example:

  • Dual Feed – a secondary port downstream of the nozzle enables adding extremely abrasive and viscous materials, as well as catalysts.
  • Dual Jets - allows multiplication of the impact for size reduction of very hard materials
  • High viscosity chemical process equipment solutions - such as pressurized feed allowing formulation and dispersion of final products in a single step

Chemical High Pressure Homogenizers for Chemical Process Equipment


Whether you are looking for chemical process equipment to scale up an existing process, perform ongoing pilot work or reduce manufacturing cost through optimization, our products bring benefits such as:

Size reduction of challenging materials

  • New and unusual particle morphologies
  • Preservation of existing particle morphologies
  • Exfoliation
  • High aspect ratio
  • Increased surface area
  • Densification
  • Purification
  • 3-indicators-of-effective-chemical-process-equipment.jpgOne-step blending and formulation
  • Accelerated chemical processes

dispersions and finer particles lead to:

  • Maximum particle packing
  • Increase in dense cross section of final products
  • Better particle coating during formulations
  • Increase in conductivity
  • Smoother surface quality
  • Finer printed features 

Products that benefit from our high pressure homogenizer chemical process equipment include:

Contact us today to test your chemical products on the top of the line high pressure homogenizers or if you want to learn more, read some of our popular chemical industry blogs:

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